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Award winning Cake baker and decoretor. Gold Award for Wedding Cake at Salon Culinaire International De Londres, London

Meet the Master Baker

At DluxCakes, we are passionate about creating spectacular cakes to celebrate who and what you care about.

Our unique cakes are crafted with love by award winning cake designer Lankika Keshini Illukkumbura.

All the cakes are home baked with tone of love  and care by Keshini - a Gold award winning sugar artist and master baker.


Lankika Keshini Illukkumbura’s noteworthy culinary design accomplishments include:

  • 2nd Place in Ideal Home - Royal Wedding Cake Competition 2018-At Olympia London

  • Gold Award for Wedding Cake - Salon Culinaire International De Londres, London

  • BCA Award for best Confectionery item - ABST Annual Bakery Competition, Torquay

  • First Place for Decorated Birthday Cakes - ABST Annual Bakery Competition, Torquay

  • Bronze Medal for Sugar Bridal Bouquet - Salon Culinaire Hospitality - Birmingham

An expert in designing and decorating cakes for all occasions, I will work with you to make your event a grand success.

Ideal Home-Royal Wedding Competition 2018 Award ceremony with Rosie Cake-Diva. Making wedding cakes is the passion of my life. We create the wedding cake of your life, with the expert creativity which makes your dream come true beyond your expectations’.

At the Royal Wedding Competition 2018 Award ceremony with Rosie Cake-Diva.

Making the cake:

Mr.Achintha Illukkumbura -

Manager Marketing & Business Development

Cakes for Occasions are a boutique gourmet cake shop where creativity and passion is the recipe for our products. Whether you are looking for a wedding or birthday cake, we will work with you to create the perfect cake you need for each of your special occasions

Catering & Events


Wedding Cakes

At Dlux Cakes, we strive to

create personalized designs that will be the perfect reflection of the couple’s unique style, and custom design your wedding cake to suit. We offer everything from elegant, sophisticated tiered wedding cakes to towers of cupcakes and cake toppers.

Custom Cakes

Specializing in one of a kind custom cakes for weddings, birthdays,
kids birthdays, engagements, baby showers, and even Corporate cakes. We can also customize cupcake towers and sweet tables for special celebrations matching colours and themes.

Small Sweets

Dlux Cakes also specialize in small sweets including french macarons, cookies, cake pops and delicious pineapple gateau and chocolate biscuit pudding. You can also choose to personalize them to your colours and theme of your event. These pastries will help bring variety, colour and fun to your sweet dessert tables.


Our beautiful hand decorated cookies made for all occasions and events -baby showers, weddings, birthdays, corporate events. We do it all! Customize for special celebrations with matching colours, themes, logos. Wedding cookies can also be made to match your wedding theme.





  -Red Velvet






Butter Cream Icing


  -Red Velvet






Gateaux & Pudding


  -Biscuit Pudding



  -Chocolate Chip






  -Chocolate Chips


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