I started off my career as a draftperson in Sri Lanka and cake making was a just hobby for me.  I started a cake making course just to see how capable I was on my hobby.  It gave me the confidence to make cakes for my friends and family for their special occasions and they said that the cakes were not only delicious, but they looked great. Soon, they started asking me to make more cakes for more occasions.


Sadly, I had to leave the course halfway through to go to England with my husband. However, I was employed at a famous shop in the UK to make cakes for them. Whilst doing that, I went to Brooklyn Collage in Weybridge to expand on my skills that I had already studied. Over the course of the years, I had won six awards for my creative cake skills.

This family business started in 2013 after I got redundant from the cake shop and after I had my second child. Since then, the business has been running smoothly strength to strength. My daughter also has a born talent of creating beautiful things with clay. She also runs her own YouTube channel and will be soon getting to know the art of sugar past modelling. My son, the youngest and the cheekiest in the family, is very good with cake tasting along with my husband who is in charge of keeping high quality standards of every single output of our products. He also makes sure that the cakes are delivered to every corner of the country.


At Dlux Cakes, we are passionate about creating spectacular cakes to celebrate who and what you care about. Our unique cakes are crafted with love by Multi award winning cake designs. Our unique cakes are home-made and crafted with a ton of love and care.

Cakes for Occasions are a boutique gourmet cake shop where creativity and passion is the recipe for our products. Whether you are looking for wedding or birthday cake, we will work with you to create the perfect cake you need for each of your special occasions